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View prices diving equipment rental, as well as that of our outings  reviews and official training courses of diving under the guidance of PADI program.

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Discover scuba diving (First Dive)

Pack: 4 dives in Mar Menuda

OWD after you Discover Scuba Diving

Membership card 2017 for 69,50€

If you choose to become a member of Tossasub you will have a special discount for boat or shore dives, purchase of material all the year, equipment rental and equipment service. You will also receive as a present two free dives to Mar Menuda with or without guide. And a present of a Tossasub T-shirt. If you need more information about discounts and advantages you can contact us, calling to 629 729 856 / 972 343 095 or
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Shore dives

Guided dive + tank 24,50€
Guided dive + all equipment 47,50€
Guided dive + all equipment 2 dives 72€
supplement all equipment with computer per dive 3.50€
supplement all equipment with drysuit per dive 4.50€
Night suplement 9€

Boat dives

Boat 32€
Boat + tank + weight 34,00€
Boat + all equipment 56,50€
Boat + all equipment 2 dives 90,50€
Supplement all equipment with computer per dive 3.50
Supplement all equipment with Drysuitper dive 4.50€

Rent of material

Tank 12.50€
Tank + services 18€
Drysuit  11,00€
Reg, jacket o suit  8,50€
Weight belt, fins or mask  4€
Snorkel or diving boots  4€
All equipment (tank, reg, jac, suit, weights)  36€
Complete set of equipment(no computer)  45€
Complete set of equipment without tank (no computer) 30€
Snorkelling equipment (fins, snorkel, mask, short wetsuit, weights) 22€
Fins + Mask +Snorkels 12€
Dive torch 8€
Dive computer 7€
Tank refill (own tank) 10€
Dressing rooms +shower +transport 7€
Only dressing rooms +shower +transport 10€
Only dressing rooms +shower +transport +night dive 25€


Discover Scuba diving 89€
Discover Scuba diving OFFER 62€
Discover Scuba diving for more of 5 people contact to Tossasub
Scuba Diver 219€
Scuba Review 69€
Open Water Diver 5 shore dives 499€ 399€
Open Water Diver 5 shore dives 2pax 499€ 359€
Open Water Diver 5 shore dives 4pax 499€ 339€
Adventure Diver 239€
Advanced Open Water Diver 340€
Advanced + Nitrox 430€
Advanced + Nitrox + Dry Suite 520€ (6 dives)
Emergency First Response 135€
O2 99€
EFR + O2 189€
Rescue Diver 340€
EFR + Rescue 435€
Nitrox 135€
Dry Suit 105€
Equipment 75€
Biology 110€
Underwater photography 95€
Divemaster 635€
Assistant Instructor 450€

Revision tecnic service regulator

Revision regulator Cressi
Revision regulator Mar, Aqu, Scub

Diving insurance

Annually 42,50€
Annually + 40 mts 49.50€
Monthly 25€
Monthly + 40 mts 31€
Daily 7,5€


Contrast 46€
Annual visual inspection 20€
Interior cleaning 30€

*All the discounts, offers and bonus must be paid in cash to make the discount effective.

Scuba diving courses

Discover the SSI courses we offer in Tossasub

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